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1740-1832 Our Gooderham Homestead is a Heritage Listed Building

A family member, years ago, visited the area in Scole, Norfolk, England where our ancestors, William, Elizabeth and Ezekiel Gooderham grew up and took these photos.

Someone in the family also copied some old maps showing various lots in the area. Using google and the hand marked maps we can see there were many Gooderham plots in the area of Scole.

Lots owned by S. Rodwell and T. Rodwell and Debenham are nearby. This is significant because William Gooderham’s mother's maiden name was Rodwell and William's father, James had a sister who married a Debenham. This area is north of the Waveney river. Waveney was the name George Gooderham gave to his home on St. George St. (now the York club). Our ancestors are buried at St Andrew's Parish cemetery in Scole (now Diss) including William's parents James Gooderham (1757 – 1820) and Sarah Rodwell (1766 – 1802) and William's grandfather John Gooderham (Abt 1712 - 1787).

By reconstructing the layout of the homestead buildings from old photos, it didn't take our cousin Matt Ross long to find our homestead. To see how he found it look here: .

The farmhouse is listed as a heritage building and apparently dates from the 1600's. It is located at the intersection of what is now Low Road and Scole Common Road. You can see the Heritage Listing here .

Heritage Listing photograph

According to a newspaper clipping, William's grandparents John Gooderham and Elizabeth Cobb also lived in this home, perhaps around 1740 when they married. William’s parents James Gooderham and Sarah Rodwell also lived there. See these three generations of our tree here:

In 1831 and 1832 the three siblings, William, Ezekiel and their sister Elizabeth and her husband James Worts emigrated to Toronto Canada and started what became at one time, the largest distillery in the world, Gooderham &Worts.

1740-1832 Our Gooderham Homestead is a Heritage Listed Building

This story describes how we found our Gooderham homestead in Scole, England. Not only did our three ancestors grow up here, their father James Gooderham did too and so did his father, John, perhaps from the time he married Elizabeth Cobb around 1740.

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