Suffolk, England


 : Latitude: 52.1872472, Longitude: 0.9707800999999563


Family Stories
 866 <strong>History of the Family Name</strong>
866 History of the Family Name
Excerpt from "The House Belongs To The Government" by G. Kent Gooderham
published by George C.K. Gooderham


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gooderham, Elizabeth  15 May 1826Suffolk, England I67
2 Gooderham, Thomas  23 Jun 1829Suffolk, England I69
3 Gooderham, Walter  12 Apr 1831Suffolk, England I70
4 Tovell Herring, Harriet  01 Nov, 1802Suffolk, England I23
5 Worts, Elizabeth  1819Suffolk, England I48
6 Worts, George  1829Suffolk, England I53
7 Worts, Sarah  1827Suffolk, England I52
8 Worts, William  1817Suffolk, England I51