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 866 <strong>History of the Family Name</strong>
866 History of the Family Name
Excerpt from "The House Belongs To The Government" by G. Kent Gooderham
published by George C.K. Gooderham
1802 <strong>William Gooderham’s Early Years in England</strong>
1802 William Gooderham’s Early Years in England
William's youth until emigrating from England. Describes his army career with the Royal York Rangers including his work as a remittance man, apparently the source of his wealth. 
1831 <strong>The Adventure Begins</strong>
1831 The Adventure Begins
By Douglas Worts
The motivating origins for the move to Canada and the family partnership. 
1834 <strong>This is a Yankee Place</strong>
1834 This is a Yankee Place
A story about selling wheat to the Gooderham Mill.

Excerpt from Landmarks of Toronto
by John Ross Robertson
Publication date 1894-1914  
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