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 866 <strong>History of the Family Name</strong>
866 History of the Family Name
Excerpt from "The House Belongs To The Government" by G. Kent Gooderham
published by George C.K. Gooderham
1802 <strong>William Gooderham’s Early Years in England</strong>
1802 William Gooderham’s Early Years in England
William's youth until emigrating from England. Describes his army career with the Royal York Rangers including his work as a remittance man, apparently the source of his wealth. 
1831 <strong>The Adventure Begins</strong>
1831 The Adventure Begins
By Douglas Worts
The motivating origins for the move to Canada and the family partnership. 
1834 <strong>This is a Yankee Place</strong>
1834 This is a Yankee Place
A story about selling wheat to the Gooderham Mill.

Excerpt from Landmarks of Toronto
by John Ross Robertson
Publication date 1894-1914  
1837 <strong> Mr. Cawthra's Bags of Gold</strong>
1837 Mr. Cawthra's Bags of Gold
According to Louisa Gooderham Walker Score, during the rebellion, the mill was used to store articles of value and “Mr. Cawthra’s bags of gold” 
1844 <strong> The First Babies Christened in Little Trinity Church</strong>
1844 The First Babies Christened in Little Trinity Church
Little Trinity Church was supported by members of the Gooderham and Worts families from its earliest days and contributed heavily to both World Wars.